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  Last Updated 11 March, 11:00am

Euroa Lawn Tennis Club
March 2021 Labour Day Tournament -

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2021 Event - ALL DONE  :)          Win TV News Interview

Firstly we just want to say how much we appreciate everyone's
attendance and support of our event. Can't thank the organisers of
our various groups enough, for putting in the effort to get everyone here -
makes the event; and we are genuinely happy to see you back.
For those 'first timers', thankyou - we hope you enjoyed the experience.

Hope everyone made it home safely and managed to turn up to
work on Tuesday without too much stress.

You were among 580 people who participated in 1,050 sets of tennis over the three days.

Congratulations to all our event winners across 54 separate events this year.

Great to see so many friendly and familiar faces again
this year - thanks heaps to everyone for making the trip.

First year with the new Oval - seems to have gone well
but we will look to top dress some sprinkler points and lines for next year :)
We don't wish to increase numbers beyond current levels, but may present
a few more oval courts - this should bring back 'Super Tiebreaks' in the Open.
Will also provide more scheduling flexibility for those whose matches had little spacing.

(Since numbers won't be grown - Look out for next year's Entry Opening Date)

NO COVID RULES NEXT YEAR - We can only hope.
(ALL Clubhouse facilities back !)
INCLUDING - Bringing the
Spit Roast back IN-HOUSE !


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A pdf document of your draw results may also be downloaded or printed.
(Just in case you want a 'high quality' print to frame!)